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Black Trees by Timothy Lai

Solo exhibit by one of San Antonio's up and coming young artist, Timothy Lai

"Emotion is the tool by which we organize everyday experience and memory. It is the instrument that we use to decide what is valuable, ideal, worth remembering, passing on and communicating. Relying heavily on the mark, my work recalls abstracted landscapes and heavy mark making as a means to physically document emotion. In this process, I am afforded a method of sorting through, breaking down, and reorganizing memories that are worth communicating and passing on.

These paintings explore and build on the visual language of which Joan Mitchell is the principal exponent — a language which relies on lyrical brushstrokes that interact and layer to build a figure-ground relationship of visual and emotional depth. The result is a structure that is open to the circumstances of spontaneity. Using an interplay of physiological scale, mass, texture and erasure, these paintings present imported emotional states into recollected abstract landscapes."

Earlier Event: December 13
Later Event: March 6